I thought celebrities were supposed to be role models, but apparently most celebrities are no longer worried about how their actions, advice and looks affect the younger fans. 

Oh no, lets parade around with our false pretences, selfishness and sex and whatever that happens, happens leave it for people who actually work. We’ll just open our mouths and sing a load of shit!

I’m sorry but no! With fame comes responsibility, and right now celebrities disregard their power, I’m not perfect and definitely not the best role model. But i can guarantee I do a lot better than 99% of celebrities. And with their power, they should 1100000000000% reconsider most of there actions and do what is right for their fans and the younger audiences. 

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sexiness but what they parade around doing is disgusting they may as well be fucking each others brains out live on stage, on tv with spotlights on them in front of a live audience. 

I’m looking for work abroad, if anyone can help contact me please! It would be much appreciated. <3 x